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Secure & simple password manager for Mac

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Requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite



Password List uses AES-256 encryption to keep your passwords safe. Your information is only written to disk as encrypted files. You can define individual passwords for individual files. Password List is not connected to any online storage and does not use any keychain functionality. You have full control over your sensitive information.

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The quickest way to fill out a login form with Password List is by marking an entry in your list and pressing Cmd + C on your keyboard. The first time you press this key combination you will copy the username to the pasteboard. Pressing Cmd + C for the second time while the same entry is marked will copy the password instead.

In addition to this shortcut you can also right-click on a specific entry, which will bring up a menu for copying either the username or password.

Password List context menu


Press Cmd + F to start searching for specific entries. The list will immediately be filtered according to the search term you enter. Search terms are matched against title and username.

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Sometimes you want to save more than just username and password. The note field is where you can keep any additional information. Anything you store in Password List is only ever written to disk in encrypted form, including your notes.

Password List notes

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